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7 Year Old Hetero Beige Female Chinchilla -- "Pangchin"

150 by Ashley in Wolcott, Apr 23
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7 Year Old Hetero Beige Female Chinchilla -- "Pangchin" in Indianapolis

Hetero beige female chinchilla -- "Pangchin"
Born approx. 11/2016 -- 7 years old
**Pangchin was brought in when her owners were moving out of the country and were sadly not able to take her with them.**

Please read:
Pangchin is one of those chins that likes things done on her terms. If you do things on her terms... she will love you forever (maybe). When you reach for her, she will chitter and chatter and talk at you. She will protest and grumble until the cows come home... but she actually is very sweet and doesn't bite / spray or anything like that (maybe she just enjoys hearing herself talk?). We chitter back to her... and then proceed to scoop her right up. She can definitely be handled and petted, and she does rather well with handling and petting... once you get past that barking exterior. She doesn't love handling per se....but what she REALLY wants and loves is scritches (again, on her terms). Now, if you go to give her scritches, she may initially bark and chitter at you... but then when she realizes she's getting scritches... she melts (see picture). We're pretty sure that scritches are the way to winning her over.

Adoption Fee:

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All of our chinchillas come with a baggie of food to start you out with as well as a printed out version of our chinchilla care packet.

This chinchilla is located in Wolcott, Indiana (47995 about 30 minutes north of Lafayette, IN. We do deliver for $1/mile on chinchillas / packages over $500. We CAN work with transports such as UshipPets and CitizenShipper and others (buyer sets up and pays for transport

We also sell cages / supplies / accessories for your new furball!

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